Limited Company Registration


Director Identification Number (DIN) (DIR 3) 3 3000
Digital Signature (DSC) 3 2900
Name Approval (INC 1) 2000
MOA, AOA & Company Incorporation (INC 7, INC 22, DIR 12) null
Stamp Duty null
PAN & TAN 500

Required Information:

    How Our Portal Works? (Step by Step Procedure)

    1. Upload Your Document
    2. We will procure your DSC & DIN for all Directors (1 Day Process)
    3. We will apply for your Proposed Company’s Name Approval (4-5 Days’ Process)
    4. We will send you a set of document for Directors’ Signature (1-2 Days’ Process)
    5. We will upload your documents for the final registration of the Company (4-5 Days’ Process)
    6. We will send you the Incorporation certificate, MOA, AOA, PAN & TAN Acknowledgement Receipt next day of Incorporation